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ONCE UPON A TIME on the rainy West Coast of Canada NIGHTINGALE NATURALS came about and in a rather interesting way.... I was tired of the drying effects of washing my hands so often in the workplace and the use of hospital based moisturizers. These so called moisturizers, which were all petroleum based products, made my hands feel dry, sore and irritated. A lot of my colleagues agreed. “How can this be good for my skin?”, I thought to myself, “let’s investigate!”

With a background in Organic Chemistry and a keen interest in research, I set out to discover what was really in these petroleum based products I occasionally used at work. What I discovered surprised me! I learned that many of the so called “all natural” hand creams and lotions on the market were not as all natural as they claimed. Not only were they petroleum based, which dries the skin further, but also contained harsh preservatives and chemicals such as parabens, phthalates and formaldehyde, considered to be carcinogenic and estrogenic.

“Well, this won’t do!”, I proclaimed, and decided to discuss the matter with my husband & partner. Guy listened to my concerns intently and our EUREKA moment happened! With a long standing career as an entrepreneur, Guy felt a brilliant idea brewing and exclaimed, “Hey! Why don't we make our own all natural hand care products, specially formulated for well washed and well worked hands? Especially nurses!”. “Brilliant!”, I expressed delightedly with a great smile on my face, “Let’s do this!”

And so the story of NIGHTINGALE NATURALS began...


My partner & I set out to learn as much as we could about what all natural really means to our skin and to the environment. Our research with experts and field testing with nurses led to the birth of Nightingale Naturals. An evolution in all natural hand care. Hand care solutions for nurses, gardeners, and just about anyone who works hard with their hands because their hands deserve it!

Our vision is to provide you with 100% natural skin care products which support the health of your hands and don’t harm the environment. NIGHTINGALE NATURALS incorporates only the best of what your hands should absorb! Our products are thoughtfully made with the environment in mind: Naturally derived, organic, cold pressed & steam distilled always!

As a healthcare professional, I understand first hand the impact of hand washing on my skin. Multiple washes leach the epidermis of all its natural oils leaving the hands feeling dry & irritated; more prone to soreness and cracking. That’s why MOISTURIZING IS KEY! Give your hands the nourishment they need to stay healthy and moisturized. Enjoy healthy hands with NIGHTINGALE NATURALS Hand Care Solutions.

Suzanne MacKew BSc.Nursing

Nightingale Naturals


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