Your Hands


Hands play a vital role in our everday lives. We rely on them as a bridge to the world around us in so many different ways. We use them to communicate & create with, greet & embrace others, protect us from harsh elements, as well as understand & change the environment around us. The dexterous nature of our hands has allowed us to adapt & evolve to an ever changing world. Hands allow us to express ourselves, support our livelihoods and carve a future for our children. They truly are a manifestation of our spirit as human beings. So why not treat them with the utmost care? YOUR HANDS DESERVE IT!

Our skin is the largest organ that makes up the human body. It is an intricate system that communicates directly with other systems in our body to maintain internal balance, protect us from the outside elements, & prevent infection & infiltration of foreign organisms.

Here are some ways you can care for your hands right down to your fingertips.

To maintain good functioning of our skin we have to support our overall body with a well balanced diet of whole foods & good hydration. Eating whole foods & healthy fats brings a variety of needed nutrients to support skin function and regeneration. Drinking filtered tap water also supports the level of hydration the skin needs to repair itself, retain moisture & maintain suppleness. Dry cracked hands, for example, can invite infection and infiltration of organisms into the blood stream. After all, our skins #1 function is to protect us from the elements outside of our internal environment.
Circulation is also a key component to maintaining healthy & younger looking skin. After the face, our hands are the next area of skin people generally look at. Like our faces, the hands also tell a story about how we take care of ourselves and can reveal our age. Exercising promotes microcirculation of blood vessels which help to deliver nutrients & hydration to our skin and take away toxins to be eliminated by the spleen, liver & kidneys. The overall effect is a brighter and more youthful looking appearance of your hands to minimize the looks of ageing.
Washing hands frequently during the day dries out your hand’s skin very quickly, particularly in the winter months or in dry indoor environments! Therefore always use a moisturizer on your hands at least three-four times a day.
For everyday, choose our lighter plant oil & aqueous based REPLENISH hydrating hand lotion. Fast absorbing & rich in Vitamins A & E, this lotion helps to maintain moisture in the skin of your hands all day long.
For deep moisturizing & conditioning through the night, choose our vitamin rich plant oil & aqueous based RESTORE moisturizing hand cream. Rich in Vitamins A, B & E, this cream soaks into your hands while you sleep to restore moisture leaving them feeling soft & supple in the morning.
Some of our daily endevours can also leach out the oils from our skin. The natural waxy sebum responsible for keeping our hands moisturized can be leached out causing skin to feel dry & irritated prone to cracking. Anything from gardening, working as a health care professional, design or construction can also introduce our hands to a multitude of solvents such as soils, water, alcohols, concrete, glue & paints. So start & end your day with our RESTORE moisturing hand cream for added protection.
For extreme barrier protection, also supplement with our REPAIR lotion bar. Rich in plant oils, fruit & seed butters to moisture & a high concentration of jojoba & beeswax that act as a natural barrier to prevent moisture loss from harsh chemicals & multiple hand washing.

Our skin is constantly sloughing off dead skin cells as part of its natural rengeneration process. Dead skin cells can also accumulate in over used areas causing callouses. Gently rub the back of your damp hands with salt or sugar, to start, continue to rub palms and fingers together to prevent callouse formation & then rinse with luke warm water. The grainy texture of the salt or sugar scrapes away old dead skin cells and improves blood circulation, making your hands’ skin look fresh & glowing.
Hands that work hard deserve a little TLC now and again! Apply our RESTORE moisturizing cream to your hands and treat them to a quick massage. This can be a great oportunity to reduce stress by deeply massage the fleshy muscle of your hands and relieve tension which can build up around the joints. Start from the fleshy part of your hand near the base of the thumb, and gently massage each finger from base to tip.
Always take this mini manicure opportunity to inspect the quality of your nails as well as your nailbeds. Our nail beds can be a window into discovering vitamin deficiencies and lack of oxygen or circulation. Vitamin B deficiency can lead to ridged nail beds. Calcium deficiency can also make your nails brittle and dry, leaving them prone to chipping or flaking. Anything unusual you visualize on your nails should be adressed with a registered healthcare practitioner.
Your cuticles also need care & moisture. After a shower or bath, apply our RELIEVE conditioning cuticle cream to soothe and repair dry, damaged cuticles. Gently push back your cuticles with a washcloth and finish by shaping them with a cuticle stick or thumb nail. Reapply cream as needed. This helps to maintain healthy moisturized cuticles, strengthen nails and prevent cracking or splitting of this delicate skin area.
Finally, take this mini manicure & massage opportunity to breathe in the intoxicating scent of essential oil blends in all of our hand care products! These blends are thoughtfully formulated to reduce stress, invigorate or refresh your mood & stimulate a feel good experience. Enjoy!