We’re changing it up!

Hello there to all our faithful customers and newcomers !

We are changing things up! In honour and support of our indigenous First Nations friends and neighbours,  we have decided to change our company name from Nightingale Naturals to New | Earth Naturals. The reason? Our old name was affiliated with Florence Nightingale, one of the founders of nursing, and as I am a nurse it seemed fitting at the time. But with the latest revelations of her contributions to supporting indigenous genocide in colonial times through residential schooling, we cannot with good conscience support such an affiliation. It’s our small way of joining in solidarity with our First Nations communities. It’s saddening to discover the atrocities being uncovered right now and this feels right for us to do.

 We are currently revamping our whole product line & branding with some exciting new products & labels. So same great quality formulas with new beginnings! It’s a lot of work to turn this biz in a new direction but we’re really excited about the change, so bare with us as we transition. Stay tuned and we’ll keep you all updated as New | Earth skincare unfolds!

We are so grateful for all your support over the years and will be offering some great discount  options on all our classics products as well as some exciting new additions with more organic ingredients! 

Until then:)  Kind regards! 

Suzie & Guy. 

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