Our Philosophy

Our Mission

We understand the science of skin & our mission is simple. We hand craft fresh, all natural & expertly blended skin care products to support the health of your skin, made from natural ingredients you can trust.

Nightingale Naturals incorporates only the best of what your skin should absorb. Naturally! Our products are freshly made in small  batches with your skin & the environment in mind. Naturally derived ingredients, locally & sustainably sourced, eco-friendly, organic & fair trade always! No nasties ever! 

Pure. Simple. Thoughtfully Made

Our Story

Our company origins began with hand care. Five years ago, I envisioned an all-natural hand cream that could really deliver on feel factor for people with well-worked, well-washed hands. Hard working hands are thirsty hands. I know, I’m a nurse. We wash our hands 50+ times a day. Clean? Yes. Dry, sore & irritated? Oh yes.

With a passion for research & a strong background in Organic Chemistry, my partner & I embarked on our mission. With honest feedback from colleagues, much research, trial & error, we mastered the all-natural hand cream. Our RESTORE & REPLENISH hand care line became the backbone of Nightingale Naturals.

Since then, our grassroots company has evolved. Our focus on the science of skin, respect for the environment, & feedback from customers has elevated our business to the next level. We’ve listened & learned a lot over the years through local markets & pop up venues. We’ve met folks from all over the world & right here in our own backyard. These connections have helped us grow.

Now, with our community of customers & ongoing commitment to research, we’ve created an all-natural artisan skincare line made with organic, fair trade & sustainably-sourced ingredients. We offer simple & beautiful, handmade creams, balms, lotions & bars that deliver on feel factor & are effectively luxurious.

We’re so proud to launch our full line of skincare, from head to toe, from us to you, to moisturize & nourish the whole body, naturally! We are Nightingale Naturals. Simple. Natural & Thoughtfully made.

We understand the Science of Skin.

Simple & Effective from Head to Toe



Bio | Suzanne

Suzanne studied Organic Chemistry before receiving her Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing.  Her passion for Chemistry & Nature, how they work together, & their role in our everyday lives, sparked the beginning of Nightingale Naturals with her long time partner Guy. Suzanne’s discipline for research, & passion for all things creative & natural, have become the cornerstones of Nightingale Naturals. Her attention to quality along with her partners business savvy have taken their business to new heights.

Bio | Guy

Guy is a life long, self made Entrepreneur with roots in graphic arts & small business management. His expertise in business & entrepreneurial experiences grew the idea for Nightingale Naturals & brought it to a reality. Guy is the driving force behind this self sustaining company through hard work & critical thinking. He shares a passion for creativity & technical application with his life partner Suzanne & together lead the way in growing their business organically. It is a passion, a process, and a lifestyle they lovingly share together.