Frequently Asked Questions

What's all natural about your products?

Everything! Our ingredients are thoughtfully sourced. We have a strict criteria when it comes to ingredient sourcing. All of our carrier oils, essential oils & butters are either cold pressed or traditionally processed without the addition of harsh chemicals in the extraction process.

We also endeavour to purchase from sustainable industries. Our ingredients are sustainable, fair trade, organic & local wherever possible. We also use an eco-certified organic emulsifier as well as a paraben, phthalate & formaldehyde free preservative.

What do you mean by Carcinogen Free?

We strive to make sure our products are free of chemicals that may be linked to cancer. A lot of mainstream products may say they have ingredients that are naturally derived from plants, yet those derived ingredients may have been processed with chemicals that are potentially carcinogenic & end up in your skin! We stay with cold pressed, steam distilled, or traditional extraction methods that don’t require harsh chemicals to get the end result. Including carcinogen free preservatives & fillers.

Why is petroleum so bad?  You say your products are petroleum free. Why is that so important?

Well besides the fact petroleum is a by product of drilling fossil fuels, and is considered a lubricant in the manufacturing industry, petroleum can also be very drying on your skin. Most mainstream products use petroleum as a “moisturizing”, “emollient”, or “barrier” element in their products. In fact, in the mainstream cosmetic industry school of thought, it is a great “filler” element.

Petroleum really has nothing good to offer the skin or the environment other than lubricating machinery!

We use only naturally based thickeners, humectants & emollients in all of our products like Wild Flower Beeswax, Manuka Honey & Jojoba to create soothing & moisturizing effects on dry hands, not petroleum!